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Tim Cook narrates Apple’s latest ad. 

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Fascinating interview with Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky. I found this segment to be particular profound: 

An Airbnb interaction takes the length of a relationship with a person and compresses it into a few hours. So, basically what I realized it was like I got to travel without ever having to my own home. I got to bring the world to my living room. This was a really powerful idea.

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I remember how awesome it was when Photoshop unveiled its Content Aware Fill feature in CS5. Witchcraft! I cried. With just a couple simple strokes of your cursor, you can magically remove any object from any photo. 

Pixelmator 3.2 will see the release of their own version of Content Aware Fill, which they’ve dubbed Repair Tool.

I love competition.

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(via Quora)

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Obsessed with the new Lens Blur in Google’s Android Camera app.

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Thrilled with the news from T-Mobile this morning about their new (additional?) introductory $40 Simple Starter plan. I’m currently on the $50 Simple Choice plan which includes 1GB of data and unlimited text and calls. About a month ago, they bumped the data allotment from the original 500mb. Since I rarely surpass 300mb of data each month, today’s announcement means I can return to my regular 500mb plan and save $10. 

Under T-Mobile’s Simple Starter plan, a customer loses data access at 500 MB. Once a customer gets near the 500 MB limit, a message pops up offering the ability to pay for additional data. A customer can pay $5 for an additional 500 MB for the day, or $10 for 1 GB to be used over the next week.

One of the biggest difference with this new $40 plan is how T-Mobile handles your data cap limit. On Simple Choice, your data speeds are “throttled”. Practically speaking, you can’t do anything at this speed. You’re better served searching for your nearest Wi-fi hotspot. 

Today’s Simple Starter plan will instead prompt you to buy additional data. I only wish that it would allow you to use this purchased data until the end of the billing period, rather than expire in 1 day or 1 week. 

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Too often we hesitate to stray from our first idea, or from what we already know. But the solution isn’t necessarily what is in front of us, or what has worked in the past. For example, if we cling to fossil fuels as the best and only energy source, we’re doomed. My introduction to design challenged me to take a new approach today, and every day after.

Fantastic article from Biz Stone.

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Godzilla will either be the best monster film since Pacific Rim or this year’s most over-hyped film. I’m hoping it’s the former.

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“Start your company because you want to change the world, and the rest is gravy.”

Aaron Levie, CEO & Founder of Box (via Quora)

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