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My body is ready

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We are fascinated by these uses of simple yes/no on/off communications tools.  There is no payload in Yo — no pictures, no text, just a deceptively simple on/off state that over time has the potential to become a platform.  As the notification layer becomes the primary interface of alert-based information on your phone — as the OS’s allow navigation and controls in those alerts — there will emerge a new class of applications that mediate this layer for web sites, other apps and connected hardware.

Ok, world. Send me a “Yo!” I’m brevityness.

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Happy Independence Day! 



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"Magellan was an explorer."

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Apple + Beats

What sort of stuff can you build with Apple that you couldn’t do on your own?

Obviously, we can’t talk about that, as you know. See, in the record business, you can show someone your song, and they don’t copy it. In the tech business, you show somebody your idea, and they steal it.

Throw us a bone, won’t you?

(Source: recode.net)

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At long, merciful last. I’ve found the solution for unsubscribing from notifications about comments made to a discussion on LinkedIn. 

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Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6 looks promising.